It’s not always the business model that impedes growth and prosperity. Sometimes organizational thresholds and lack of leadership can trump access to capital and great ideas. Many times, organic momentum based on substantial growth is superior to hollow market share.


We are constantly looking for smaller companies willing to grow, a segment  which we many times have proven success with limited resources.


The amount of good ideas is nearly unlimited. What really separates the wheat from the chaff is the ability to initiate and execute. Contact us regardless if you want objective evaluation of your idea or if you are in need of the right partnership to start creating your future.


Collaborating with the right kind of capital may be the crucial difference between failure and success. Let us investigate if we can connect you with proper suitable financial backbone.


Both unwelcome stagnation and profitable growth has its logical reasons. It can almost always be deduced to either neglecting the important everyday tending of unhealthy areas of the company or the ability to make the right decisions at an earlier stage.


Necessary changes trough firm action might be a good way to purify your business and thereby being able to mine the hidden assets within your company.


Straightforward management consulting based on performance-based compensation model which is split between equity and funds.



Service minded sales process outsourcing with expertise in retail and face to face campaigning. Specialized within user growth in the expanding tech sector, boosting app downloads for disruptive global companies. Master mind behind customer- and user acquisition of 1 000 000+.

The latest contribution to the growing European home automation market within the security segment. Reducing crime and increasing wellness trough implementation of award-winning technology serving over five million customers world wide.

Provider of the right person in the right place. Empowering organizations with skilled and professional staff in sales, service and support.

Next generation sales and marketing company in an app. The recommendation plattform laying the foundation for organic sales growth.

The world's first global IoT operator. Connecting and integrating cities, companies, buildings, homes, people and things around the world.

Investor relations and capital raising. Financial communication suitable for today's market.

Enabling smarter cities trough LoRaWAN. Hosting the internationally highly appreciated annual LoRa conference Smart City Connection.

Subsidiary to the IoT operator Netmore Group. Providing M2M SIM cards with seamless global coverage combined with self-service scalability and affordable pricing. Empowering IoT companies around the world.


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